Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Tessa Jordan Homeopath Bach Flower Practitioner

About Tessa

Tessa is an experienced professional who has run a busy practice for over 40 years, supporting clients with Homeopathy and Bach flowers. She has now retired from Homeopathic practice and is focussing on training future practitioners. She is in a good position to share her experience and expertise with students to encourage more people to qualify as a Homeopath and/or as a Bach Practitioner. You will find information about Bach training on the Courses pages.

Tessa has contributed to her profession of Homeopathy on a national level, having been a member of Working Groups aiming to develop a single regulatory body for homeopaths (including the Council of Organisations Registering Homeopaths – CORH) and has represented the profession in the development of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She was closely involved with developing national guidelines for Continual Professional Development for Homeopaths.

Tessa is also a recognised international trainer in the Bach flower remedies, offering all Levels of the Bach Foundation Education Programme – Introductory, Advanced and Practitioner courses – all approved by the Bach Centre. She is a senior trainer who supports and trains experienced practitioners to become Bach Centre recognised trainers in their own right. This work has taken her to many countries to teach and to share her experience of working with the remedies with people in such countries as the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Singapore, Serbia and Romania . Tessa speaks fluent French and German, which has helped her to make real connections with people and she has done some of the training in the local language as well as in English. Over the years, Tessa’s training has opened up new areas for courses in the Bach flower remedies and some of the people she has trained are now also qualified trainers in the flower remedies and so can offer courses in their countries in the local language. In this way the wonderful message of Dr Bach’s system of healing has spread. This is her focus now.

As a homeopath herself, Tessa is aware of the connections between Homeopathic philosophy and Dr Bach’s philosophy of healing and so has written a special training course in the Bach flower remedies for Homeopaths and students of Homeopathy. This course too is approved by the Bach Centre.

Tessa has a personal and professional interest in Multiple Sclerosis and has worked closely with the local Sue Ryder Care on their 5Rs programme for people with MS. She was involved for ten years on this project. She worked with Suffolk Family Carers too on a support programme for Carers, giving workshops on wellness and resilience.

Tessa’s clients usually came to consult her because of personal recommendations. She has worked with people of all ages, from babies and pregnant women, children, teenagers and adults through to people in the last stages of their life. She believes strongly that we can all take responsibility for our own health, that we all want to be well and healthy and to get the most from our life. Tessa is keen to encourage more people to train as a Homeopath or a Bach Practitioner so that ever more people can benefit from these gentle and effective approaches.

Tessa Jordan