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Top Ten Bach Flower Remedies

The most popular Bach remedy in the UK and throughout the world is the Rescue Remedy for when we are under acute stress. We can use individual remedies to support us at other times too. The most popular ten individual remedies in the UK are...

Olivefor when you feel completely exhausted.
Larchfor when you feel unsure of yourself, holding back as you lack confidence.
White Chestnutfor when you feel you have a busy head, full of thoughts, which don't stop.
Star of Bethlehemfor when you feel traumatised, shocked, grieving.
Mimulusfor when you feel fearful of specific things e.g. spiders or flying.
Walnutfor when you feel vulnerable because of situations, people or changes.
Crab Applefor when you feel a sense of self-dislike and shame, not valuing yourself.
Impatiensfor when you feel impatient, hurried, with an inner sense of urgency.
Rock Rosefor when you feel terrified and panicky (this is in Rescue Remedy which can help too with panics).
Hollyfor when you feel angry, frustrated, jealous, suspicious.

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