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Stress is a term we hear a lot and yet it is not exclusive to our hurried modern lives. Often we are looking for a quick and easy answer to ease our symptoms and while there may be fast acting options we also need to listen to and hear the messages our body is sending us.

Although it may not seem so, your body is ALWAYS on your side. If there is a perceived threat or danger, your body will prepare all its resources to protect and save you.

So in acute danger, such as a fire or an accident, your body will physiologically prepare to fight or flee from the trauma, whichever your brain decides to be the best option.

Whether to run or fight (and put the fire out for example) your body needs similar resources - extra oxygen to the brain, arms and legs, - so instinctively your blood pressure and blood sugar levels will rise, blood flow to your limbs and brain increases while blood flow to the digestive system decreases to save energy. Your breathing is stimulated to supply the air needed and your body is prepared as if the "Alarm" or "Alert" button had been fired.

All these processes are natural and healthy - in an acute or short-term phase. Usually if you have exerted yourself it follows that you then allow your body to relax and so recharge ready for the next demand or threat.

Unfortunately many stresses are ongoing and cannot easily be dealt with by fighting or fleeing. Then the reaction becomes a longer-term resistance, which requires more resources from your body and can lead to more serious medical problems.

Hans Selye, a Canadian physician, suggested the term General Adaptation Syndrome with Acute, Resistance and Exhaustion stages to describe what happens to us.

Whether your own individual reaction to stress creates headaches, migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis or other diagnosable illnesses, homoeopathy can support you.

An individual consultation can assess your needs and the homoeopath can make suggestions for remedies, coping strategies and possible life style changes.

What You Can Do Yourself

Rescue Remedy is a first aid response to emotional stress. It contains five different flower remedies to support you at times of crisis, panic or stress and is completely safe to use. Preserved in an alcohol solution the Rescue Remedy can be carried with you and so be available at any time. Taking four drops on your tongue or in any drink when under emotional pressure is an easy and quick way to start to look after yourself.

Practise relaxation regularly so that you give your body the chance to recharge and rest to counter and balance the stress. For some people a time of quiet reflection, meditation or prayer helps. For others support with tapes or a CD gives structure and guidance to their relaxation time.

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