Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Tessa Jordan Homeopath Bach Flower Practitioner

Bach Practitioner Workshops

We organise one day workshops for all Bach Practitioners and for people who are working through the Level 3 assessments, to offer one another support, to share ideas, to meet other practitioners and to learn more. Each Bach Practitioner registered with the Bach Centre is prompted to reflect on their personal and professional development as they renew their registration every year, a CPD process which is helped by these workshops.

Over time we have held workshops on -

  • Working with Separating Families
  • Coping with Challenging Clients: Managing Challenging Consultations
  • Face Reading
  • Men and their emotions
  • Promoting your practice
  • Working with Survivors of Abuse
  • The Work of a Soul Midwife
  • Clown Doctors in hospitals
  • Using the remedies in a Hospice environment

...... and much more.

Tessa also offers Continuing Professional Development workshops for other groups and associations in the UK and Europe. Please contact me to discuss how I can tailor a workshop to meet your needs.

Tessa regularly offers workshops for practitioners in central London. If you would like to join us for future workshops or would like to go on our mailing list to hear about events for practitioners, please email us or telephone us on 01473 728498.

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