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Bach Flower Remedies - Case Studies

At each Bach Friendly Group meeting we take the opportunity to work through some case studies together. Below are some of those we have used and you may like to have a look, read them through and see what ideas you come up with.

The cases are designed to be discussed in a group but you can also work through them on your own as part of your Bach Flower journey, especially if you are a BFRP or currently working through your training.

You are welcome to use the cases at your own meetings. Please acknowledge where you found them and let people know about my website.

I cannot answer queries about which might be the ‘right’ remedy choices for the case studies because there will be various options according to how you read the story about each person. The idea of the cases is to stimulate thinking and discussion about the flower remedies, to challenge you to consider what else you might ask or want to know if the client was sitting with you in person, so they could answer and give you more information and to bring up practice and professional issues. This can help with professional development and will hopefully be enjoyable too! I am interested in hearing how you use the cases and if you find them helpful for your own Bach Friendly Group meetings. Do drop me an email!

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