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To become pregnant is a blessing. To be chosen as the growing place of a new life can feel sacred and special. Sometimes no matter how pleased we are that we are pregnant, the physical reality may feel quite different, especially in the first three months as our body adjusts to its new role. Pregnancy is not a disease - we are not ill and yet we can still be affected by the "usual" coughs, colds or minor ailments and at this special time we will want to be especially careful about what chemicals we put into our body. We want to keep our precious baby safe and to stay as healthy as possible during our pregnancy.

Homoeopathy is a gentle and safe way of treating ailments - whether you are pregnant or not. The remedies are quite safe for you to take and will not harm your unborn child. It is always best to consult a professional homeopath for support and if you build a good relationship with your homeopath, he or she will be there to support you with remedies for the birth and afterwards as your baby grows up.

There are some common health challenges during pregnancy :-

Morning Sickness - this is a real misnomer - the sickness can come at anytime for some women. Sometimes it seems never to stop, although it is usual for the symptoms to ease after the third month. Each woman will have particular individual symptoms and these will help lead the homeopath to a choice of remedy to suit these differences.

Constipation - can be caused by many different factors, but it is particularly uncomfortable when you are pregnant. Many of us have a complicated personal relationship with our bowels and issues of control over our life are particularly important here. If we are stressed, tense and fearful of letting go, then it is difficult for our bowels to relax. The more we worry or obsess about them, the more tense we become and the more the constipation is aggravated.

It can help to check out how we feel and ask ourselves some key questions. Sometimes a selection of Bach Flower remedies (see the Bach Flowers page on this website) can help us to relax, ease our fears and then our body can follow.

We could ask :-

"How pleased am I that I am pregnant?"
"What am I frightened of?"
"How do I see my life changing when I have this baby?"
"How do I feel about that?"
"How safe does the baby feel?"
"How much support do I have and is that enough?"
"When do I give myself time to relax?"
"What are my priorities?"
"What else do I need to feel safe?"

Individual Bach Flower remedies can be mixed to support us so that we can work through emotional tensions.

Diet - is also very important. Being pregnant is certainly not an excuse to "eat for two", even if you are sometimes tempted! This is a time when we need extra resources from our food to help us stay healthy and to give the baby the vitamins and minerals they need.

Many women experience cravings for particular foods. It may well be worth trusting this inner instinct. Sometimes the food you crave will give you the very mineral or vitamin which you need. Of course this is not an excuse to over eat or over indulge in a passion for chocolate! Putting on too much weight during pregnancy is unhelpful for your baby and your body - and can make life more difficult after the birth as you try to regain your identity as an individual. Keep an eye on your fluid intake and make sure you drink plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, your bowels will be absorbing as much fluid as possible, your stools will become drier, hard and difficult to pass.

It is a good idea to avoid laxatives, which can irritate your bowel, and concentrate first on increasing the natural fibre in your diet by eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

If you still need support from a homoeopathic remedy for the constipation, your homeopath will assess your particular symptom picture and advise on remedies.

Exercise is important to keep you active and to encourage your body to be supple. It is often easier too to relax once you have done some exercise to release some tension. The type of exercise will depend on you and your preferences. If you are already fit and practise a sport regularly, then you will be the best judge about how appropriate it is to continue while pregnant. If you are looking to start exercising, then think about walking; swimming; dancing or cycling to help build up your body to stretch and to relax. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to prepare for giving birth. Look for a class with a teacher who is experienced in working with pregnant women. Whatever you do, do it slowly. Your back will benefit and so will your baby. It is worth bearing in mind that often childbirth is easier for women who are fit and active. Your homeopath will also recommend remedies to help you.

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