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New Baby and New Parents

So now this long awaited baby is here - in person! Reality can sometimes mean tiredness and worry about new responsibilities as well as the joy and love which wells up each time you look at this new addition to your family. So as new parents it is vital to look after yourselves as well as your baby.

It is reassuring to know that Homeopathic and Bach Flower remedies are perfectly safe for you and your child. If you are breast-feeding then the effect of any remedy you are taking will also work safely for your baby. In the early months especially, you are both likely to need the same remedies - you have both shared the same experience very intensely.

Many women consult a homeopath before, during and after pregnancy, to ensure they stay in the best of health. It is a good idea too to introduce the new baby to the family homeopath so that they have some basic details on record and can support you when necessary by telephone. Your relationship with your homeopath is important and once you have built trust, then you know when to turn to them for help and when you can support yourself, perhaps with a homeopathic kit of remedies as well as the support of your midwife, health visitor and doctor.


Your homeopath will advise on remedies to have to hand during the birth and may suggest specific remedies for you. Many midwives are used to women arriving at the hospital with Rescue Remedy and Arnica in their bags. Your homeopath will advise if these remedies can help you.

If you have an episiotomy cut during the birth, then you may find it helpful to wash afterwards with dilute Hypercal tincture, an herbal tincture of Hypericum and Calendula, used topically to help with healing. There is also Calendula cream or ointment available – from this website.

Bach Flowers

Maybe Rescue Remedy or a personal mix of individual Bach flower remedies will be an important support to keep handy as you adjust emotionally, your hormones settle and you cope with all the challenges your new life presents you. Whether you are Mum, Dad, Grandma or Uncle, if you are closely involved and care about this new baby, you will have strong feelings. When these are positive, open and generous, life feels to be on the right track. As we are human, though, we can sometimes feel quite different and it is good to know that individual Bach remedies are there to help. The Bach flowers are a self help system and are available on this website to buy as individual remedies or as a personal mixed bottle. Sometimes it is difficult to decide exactly how we feel and then you may choose to arrange an appointment with a Bach practitioner such as Tessa, to work through and clarify your choice of remedies together.

You may find some of the following remedies particularly appropriate at this time :-

Walnut can help us adjust to the many changes and protect us from other people's strong opinions or pressures, so that we can continue to listen to our own inner voice of certainty.

Elm can help when it all feels too much to cope with - when we feel overwhelmed by our new responsibilities.

Red Chestnut is ideal if we are over fearful for our baby or our partner, worrying that something awful will happen and getting our concerns out of proportion, so that there is an atmosphere of fear instead of calm.

Olive helps when we are exhausted emotionally and mentally, feeling drained and so finding it hard to concentrate on what is going on.

All the above Bach Flower Remedies are available on this site.

As individuals we can experience the most mixed and sometimes complicated or seemingly conflicting feelings. Have a look at the Bach Flower section of this website for more ideas of Bach remedies to support you in finding an emotional balance or book an appointment with Tessa to talk through how you feel.

Even though it is really important to look after yourself, your focus now is often on your baby and you will want the very best for them. Most babies will thrive so long as their basic needs are met. They need to be loved, touched, fed, protected, kept clean and warm, allowed to sleep and sometimes stimulated, played with and talked to. Any minor problem is usually resolved quickly and a supportive midwife or health visitor will advise you if you are unsure.

It can also be reassuring to have some basic homoeopathic remedies to hand so that you can quickly and safely deal with a medical problem. Your homeopath will advise you which remedies will be most helpful for your situation and family circumstances.

Sometimes parents worry about feeding their baby. Are they getting enough? Should I have eaten that garlic/drunk so much coffee and will that affect my breast milk? As you and your baby get to know one another you will find yourself understanding their messages more easily and building your confidence. Sometimes it can really help for the parents to take Rescue Remedy, to relax a little and remember that this time is a pleasure as well as a duty. Often, when we relax, the baby can feel safe and will be able to take their feed more easily.

Mothers consult a homeopath for many problems they or their baby experience – colic, constipation, skin problems, sleep difficulties… each person is different and so the homeopath will work with you to find the best solution and a personal remedy choice.

Suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of open air and friction from clothes, babies' skin can react with dryness, redness and little rashes. Often using Rescue Cream is enough to calm them. If you need to moisturise, then massaging their body with a pure vegetable oil (like Almond oil if there is no family history of nut allergy) is a very intimate and rewarding contact time - one which Dad can share too.

Homoeopathic remedies come in various forms - tablets, drops or powders. To give remedies to a tiny baby you may need to crush tablets between two spoons so as to give a powder that can be tipped safely into the baby's mouth or mixed with a little pure water first.

However perfect, wonderful and intelligent your baby is, do remember to look after yourself and your relationship with your partner too. Although it may not seem possible at the moment, babies grow up into teenagers and adults and will develop their own lives. Make sure you hold on to your identity too. They will love you for it!

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