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First Aid

It is helpful to keep some remedies to hand for support in an emergency. As you get to know which remedies suit you and your family best, you can build your own collection. It is important to seek professional medical support for all serious emergencies.

A typical basic homoeopathic first aid box might contain :-

Rescue Remedy

To help with emotional shock, fear or panic, so that whatever the trauma you can calm yourself and deal with the problem.

Arnica 30

Arnica tablets to take orally for shock, bruising, or risk of haemorrhage. Arnica is also very helpful after tooth extractions or other dental work and after childbirth or operations. It will help to bring out the bruising.

Arnica Cream

Used topically on bumps and knocks, the cream can soothe and encourage bruising to develop and clear. It is best not to apply Arnica Cream to broken skin.

Hypercal Tincture

This contains Hypericum and Calendula and can be used diluted, to cleanse any cuts, grazes or small wounds. Hypericum can ease nerve damage and pain. Calendula helps the healing of soft tissue.

Calendula Cream or Ointment

Applying Calendula Cream on a clean wound can aid healing and avoid infection. You may also use the cream or ointment on spots, boils, eczema, or nappy rash.

Pyrethrum Tincture Spray

Applied to insect stings and bites this can reduce the swelling and the irritation.

Cantharis 30

Tablets of Cantharis 30 taken orally can help reduce the pain and inflammation of burns and scalds.

Arsenicum Album 30

Homoeopathically this is an ideal remedy for upset stomachs, food poisoning, sickness and diarrhoea.

Nux Vomica 30

This remedy can help following over indulgence in alcohol or rich food which leads to headaches, constipation or digestive upsets.

These remedies, with clear instructions for use are available from this website. Click here to view

Homoeopathic remedies should be treated with respect. They should be kept away from risk of contamination by strong smells (such as perfume, TCP etc.), direct sunlight and electromagnetic fields.

When taking a remedy by mouth the tablets should not be touched but tipped into the lid of the pot then into the mouth and sucked. Ideally the remedy should be taken away from food and drink.

Dosage should reflect how acute the symptoms are, so the more severe the symptoms, the more frequent the dosage and the remedy should be stopped as soon as the person is well again.

If at any time you feel out of your depth or feel the symptoms are not responding quickly enough to the remedies then seek professional medical advice.

Tessa Jordan