Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner
Tessa Jordan Homeopath Bach Flower Practitioner

Bach Flower Courses For Homeopaths

As a Homeopath herself, Tessa has seen how well the Bach flower remedies can be integrated into a Homeopathic practice and so developed a course specifically to introduce the remedies to other homeopaths and student homeopaths. The course is approved by the Bach Centre and accredited with a certificate on completion. The course is the equivalent of the standard Bach Centre Level 1 and 2 courses with extra content relevant to a homeopathic approach, so after following this Bach Flowers for Homeopaths Course you will be eligible to go straight to the Level 3 Practitioners course if you aim to be registered with the Bach Centre as a Bach Practitioner.

Whether you are a practising homeopath looking to expand the service you offer your patients or a student wanting to support family and friends in a safe and effective way, this course can add an extra dimension to your practice. The course can run in person or via Zoom. Tessa can offer the course to students via a homeopathic college.

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